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Detail Werkz Dallas is one of the very few Importers, and Master Distributors for 22ple in the USA, and the ONLY authorized installer in Texas! We carry and use all of the 22ple line of glass coating products.



22ple Glass Coating ( Studio Apointment Only )
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Your car’s finish is constantly bombarded with harsh contaminants that can cause damage, and that over time will reduce the gloss and clarity of the surfaces. Regular detailing to deep-clean these areas help to remove all of these contaminants that get onto the paint, and then traditionally a wax or sealant would be applied to prevent new contamination, and to add gloss as well. Waxes and sealants are good, but often times they are not applied frequently enough to offer maximum protection. Most waxes will only provide a month or two protection before another application is due, and sealants can typically range in the 4-6 month durability.

We now have new technologies available to us in the detailing industry that significantly increase the durability of protection upwards of 18-24 months. These new technologies come in the form of semi-permanent coatings that provide the ultimate barrier between your paint (and wheels…and trim), and the harsh elements that your car is exposed to on a daily basis.

Not only will these coatings provide a protective barrier, but they also add gloss and depth to the finish, and they make subsequent cleaning of the vehicle much easier since dirt and other contaminants won’t stick to the surface as easily. When you wash your car afterwards, the paint will continuously have that “freshly waxed” and slick feeling to it.

Offering just the right combination of brilliant gloss and durability, 22PLE is available in 3 different formulas for specific application areas of the car: One for paint, one for plastic trim, and a high-temp formula for metal and rims. And the technology doesn't stop there, as 22PLE is regarded throughout the detailing industry worldwide as the easiest coating product to work with!

The high silica-content glass coatings are applied in a thin layer as a liquid, and once cured, 22PLE literally leaves a hardened glass barrier between the paint (or other protected areas) and the harmful elements. So not only does this glass barrier provide a brilliant gloss and shine, it offers a level of protection to your car that can't be equaled by any wax or sealant. While most carnauba waxes last only a month or two, and sealants upwards of 4-6 months, you can expect 18-24 months durability with 22PLE Glass Coating!

One of the key features of this coating is that harmful and destructive contaminants won't stick to the surface as easily...leaving your paint in much better condition for a longer period of time. And since there's less "stick" on the surface, you'll find that washing and drying is MUCH easier and quicker. Your wash mitt will glide across the surface like never before (creating a safer, mar-free wash process), and drying is near effort-less due to the hydrophobic properties of 22PLE.

When used on wheels and metal, the VM1 formula will prevent heavy brake dust buildup, and make subsequent cleanings much easier. And when used on plastic trim, the VR1 formula will create a deep, rich color that will last for well over a year...as opposed to just weeks for other trim products!

Key features are:

Permanent Protection

22PLE is not a paint protection, wax or sealant that will wash away or break down over time. Its a nano-ceramic coatingthat forms a permant adhesision to the paint and can only be removed through abrasion. No chemical can dissolve the coating.

Hardness above 9H

The glass coat is above 9H on the Pencil test scale. This scale is used in the coating industry to derermine the clear coat or paints hardness. 9H is the highest on this scale. The glass coat will stay hard under the warranty period if maintained correctly

Chemical Resistance

The coating has a 100% resistance against the damaging containments and harsh chemicals that a car can be exp[osed to. Since chemicals do not do anything to the coating, the car will stay protected.

Oxidation and Corrosion Resistant

Bare metal will oxidize and painted surfaces will not. 22PLE's protective coat protects the paint and the metal from getting in contact with water and oxygen.

Temperature Resistance

The coat will not be affected under 1400 degrees fahrenheit.

Super Gloss and Shine

The shine from 22PLE is not comparable to any other product currently on the market. It has to be seen in real life as pictures do not do it justice.

Super Hydrophobic

When you talk about surfaces being hydrophobic you often talk about the water contact angle of the surface. The higher angle the less dirt or liquid will attach to the surface. A drive in the rain will make the car look newly washed. This hydrophobic effect will last during the warranty period.

Crystal Clear Reflection

The reflection you endure from application of 22PLE, is like nothing you have ever seen, that it is crystal clear once cured. There are no fillers like in waxes, and because of this we ensure the paint is flawless prior to application so you have the clearest, deepest, wettest shine you will ever see.

Please note that for older vheicles where you might have some rock chips, sand blasting and bug etchings, the glass coating will enhance these as again no fillers are given to hide and mask the issues.

Some paint touch up, masking of these areas might need to be done prior to application. Please inform us prior to the glass coating treatment if you feel you have these issues in your paint work and we can quote you for this service.

The ZX2 Package

22PLE ZX2 La Revoluzione - Paintwork
22PLE VR1 Plastic & Trim Restorer
VM1 Rim Coating (wheels removed)
9x harder than factory paint
6+ year warranty

The Mistico Elemento Package

22PLE ZX Mistico Elemento +
22PLE VR1 Plastic & Trim Restorer +
VM1 Rim Coating (wheels removed)
8x harder than factory paint
5-6 year warranty



The VX PRO2 Package

7x harder than factory paint
3 - 4 year warranty

The HPC Package

6x harder than factory paint
2-3 year warranty


The VX3 Package

4x harder than factory paint
1-2 year warranty


Remove wheels and glass coat the wheels and brake calipers with 22ple VM1 is $200

Apply the 22PLE VR1 Plastic & Trim Restorer to any exterior plastic or trim on vehicle $100

Please call us at 972.880.7277 and let us speak with you about what is best for your vehicle and get you scheduled for a drop off at our Merrell Road location.

Brian applying the 22ple VX1 Pro 2 to a 2016 Porsche Macan


We are the only detail company in Dallas, that incorporates a shortwave infared curing light to cure the glass coating properly, ensuring the coating is fully cured before you pick up your vehicle.