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Loyalty Scheme

If you wish to maintain your car to the highest possible standard but have little time to spend detailing it yourself, our loyalty scheme is just what you need. In a nutshell, it rewards you for scheduling a detail service on a regular basis with lower prices designed to make long-term professional care more cost effective. Regular visits will not only keep your car looking good all year round, but will also ensure it retains as much residual value as possible in the long run.

Loyalty Scheme | Terms & Conditions

The residual value of any prestige or performance vehicle, whether leased or privately owned, is dependent not only on age and service history, but also on the condition of the bodywork, wheels and interior. Whilst you may set out with every intention of maintaining your car properly, the reality is that your career, family commitments and leisure pursuits may not leave you with enough time to do so. Routine professional detailing treatments can solve this problem, and can be surprisingly cost effective, particularly if you factor in the value of your own time and the positive effect such treatments have on residual value.

Our loyalty scheme replaces the need for a formal maintenance plan, which risks being too prescriptive, and offers fully bespoke terms. This latter point is important, because in our experience everyone is different in terms of their care requirements for the car(s) that they own, and we wish to provide the most convenient and cost-effective service possible.

Pricing for our Loyalty packages are:

A. The Mirage Full Service | 10% off site price for your vehicle type/size

B. The Concorso Full Service | 15% off site price for your vehicle type/size

C. The Shield Full Service | 20% off site price for your vehicle type/size

To take advantage of our loyalty packages, you must first book your car in to receive one of our standard detailing treatments (please review our exterior services page).

After this initial treatment is completed, you will be granted access to the loyalty pricing shown above for the next six months. If you book your car in for a further treatment from the above list within this six month period, the clock will be reset for a further six months, and so on and so forth.

Please note this is PER vehicle and not per visit. We want you to want to upkeep your vehicle with the best waxes available so this is why we created this loyality program. Loyality program is only for the Swissvax wax packages as seen above.