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We are extremely proud to offer an unrivalled range of detailing services designed to meet the needs of discerning individuals throughout Dallas and Ft.Worth Texas. We are highly talented and experienced professionals who understand the degree of trust that our customers place in us.

Q. Why should I choose Detail Werkz Dallas to detail my car?

Faced with the realisation that you don't have either the time or the necessary skills to look after your vehicle properly, you would think it would be an easy task to decide on what to have done and by whom. However, the car care market has changed a lot in the last couple of years and customers now have more choices to make. However, there are now an increasing number of detailing services being offered, with a shift in emphasis towards more specialist services such as paint defect correction and high quality paintwork protection. Such work is more time consuming and requires a far greater degree of skill, so is therefore usually more expensive. However, with the condition of the bodywork, wheels and interior affecting the residual value of used cars, such work usually pays for itself, particularly on prestige and performance vehicles.

We are very proud to offer an unrivalled range of detailing services designed to meet the needs of discerning customers throughout Dallas and Ft. Worth Texas who want the very best in car care for their vehicles. We undertake everything from simple paint inspections through to full paint correction details, and also provide new car preparation services and a range of annual maintenance plans. The standard of our work is second to none, as proven by the enviable portfolio of work we have acquired over the last three years, mainly from word of mouth recommendations alone. Recognising the need to offer our customers a professional set of services that they can trust and rely upon, we have invested heavily in specialist premises and equipment, formal training, premium car care and detailing products and comprehensive all risks insurance cover. Potential customers should note that we are not amateur enthusiasts; we have a wealth of experience and detailing is our full time profession.

In summary then, why choose us? Firstly, because we have proven ourselves publicly to be the most talented professional detailers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, delivering outstanding results on every single detail that we undertake. Secondly, because we offer an unrivalled range of detailing services designed to fully meet the needs of discerning customers who demand the very best in car care for their vehicles. Thirdly, because we are experienced professionals who understand the importance of trust and respect and have thus invested significantly in order to ensure that our customers and their vehicles are in safe hands. We invite you firsthand to witness our passion, admire our dedication and experience detail werkz as we earn your trust.


We Detail Werkz Dallas have all the right to end our relationship with you and refund the amount of service perfirmed that you are unhapy with. We do not have to refund any other said work, including, vehicle prep work, labor involved for install of items such as aftermarket items, window tinting and paint protection film.

If you are unhappy with a item of service and you wont allow us the respect and time to fix the issue with you and try to make it right, then you hold Detail Werkz Dallas non-respocspital for the product you are unhappy with but not any prep-work or other associated work performed on the vehicle as per your scope of work unless written letter from Brian Hare owner of Detail Werkz Dallas. You agree to these terms when you sign the scope or sign CC receipt to pay for service.